Being Your Authentic Self: Unleash Your Potentialities

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Ingredients of me – I want to start this topic by sharing the pieces of who I am. For those who has not known me yet, one of my characteristics is, I am the type of person who pretty so much love of having to go through with adventures even in the extent of overcoming my fears, to name one, I have fear of heights. And allowing myself to really fully take advantage of the experience that is priceless and enjoyable at the moment binding with the idea of not knowing as to when the experience will happen again, maximizing the resources (time, money and effort) that I put in, knowing that I could not buy time and going back on the same time frame. And so I always come to acknowledge my fears, shift my thoughts of being in the present scenario, allow every single momentum to deal, enjoy, have fun and reap fruitful rewards by having the insight of “I did it or I made it to throw up my unwanted emotions, feeling uncomfortable, nervous and replacing it of winning over the situation which favors me the most”. I consider it as my highest achievement, empowering and boosting my confidence.

Introduction to Authentic-Self

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So much to tell about powering myself on stepping up out of experiencing what is not comfortable to my zone. And here is the thing, I come here to realize that in every place that I have visited either local or international, there is or are distinctive notable marks on the culture, people, lifestyle, food, beliefs that makes them unique. This is the common denominator to human beings, its uniqueness, being true to self.

Self-Sabotaging: Why We Get in Our Own Way Setting Us Apart From Our True Self

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Nowadays, we face masks in order for us to be accepted by the society we live from; we please people to earn trust and credits. We conform to the set standard norms of our society, play the roles that are embedded on us and become the person out of the expectations set by the surrounding people which sets us a part from living on our real self. Because of these, we forget who we are, why we are here and what we meant doing for on earth. You are not alone, we all have been here, it is not your fault; it is not too late to make a change, there is still chance to go back with your true and authentic dimension which makes me proceed to the next part.

Understanding Ourselves

Becoming Our Authentic Self

* Being aware of yourself is to know your strengths and enhancing them using proven tools and techniques. Learning your weakness and converting them into strength, making it your ally. Mastering your talents, skills, capacities and capabilities and sharing it for the common and highest good of all.

Loving yourself by giving yourself the time to heal and be healed totally. Investing in self-care as a form of showing the deep-seated love to yourself.

* Learn what you value the most

* Make valuable decisions

There are ways to go back to our authentic self and here they are:

1. Find a quiet place and set at least 10 minutes of your time in the morning to meditate. Slowly inhale, hold it for 3 seconds and exhale. Repeat this for a couple of times until you are in your meditative state. Do meditation before starting your day, at lunch or before retiring at night.

Benefits of Meditation 101: How To Meditate In Less Time

2. As the saying goes, the more you persist on whatever is going on the inside of yourself, the more you have resistance on what is that is popping up within you so learn to acknowledge and recognize any thoughts, feelings and emotions that is happening on your inner self.

3. Visualize to have a vortex or shield around you so nothing can get inside of you that can harm you and even that does not belong to you.

4. Pray to the highest power ex. Divine, God to help, guide and protect you.

5. Release what is holding you back; what is not helping you; what is keeping you stuck from being the best version of you. Are your words keeping you stuck? | Colette Reilly

6. Learn to let go of any negative thoughts, emotions and feelings that are blocking your way to uphold abundance. This is not an easy thing to do but with great perseverance, persistence and consistency, anything is attainable.

7. What has been removed must be replaced by imagining a light coming from the highest source and a bubble of light around you to protect you from any negativity.

8. Shift your mood. Engage in stuff that you enjoy, makes you feel happy and worth it ex. Dancing, singing, engaging in creative ventures.

9. Surround yourself with people who can contribute to your happiness; who can mentor, guide and support you in your chosen path. The only way to be successful in your purposeful journey is to be coached by people who has gone through with the quest. Nine things successful people do differently

10. Listen to positive affirmations and music that clears blockages and bring you in a positive state of mind.

11. Never tire at ways of improving yourself as this is the most permanent thing on earth


Personal Values - Find them out and what they meanKnow your values on a deeper level, act on them and come up to valuable purposeful decisions being guided by your intuition will bring you to the real you. Getting yourself aware of your consciousness will let you broaden your horizons as it expands to the fullness of what life can deliver you and will make you truly what you are meant to be living here on earth. Given the right tools, techniques and strategies that will help you get into your meaningful and worthwhile journey where infinite possibilities and abundance are just right beside you to tap into and embrace it with bliss.

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